Sales Management

SalesTrack is a GUI - based Sales Mmanagement System, backed by the powerful RDBMS. Its implementation of Object Oriented design, greatly enhances its Operational Efficiency. Graphical User Interface ensures maximum comfort to its user. Its Web enabled features allow the user into the Open World of Internet & Intranets and enable the user to make Business Internationally

SalesTrack is a comprehensive Sales management system having seamless integration with Inventory, Production, Costing, Budgeting and Financial SCS. SalesTrack provides many unique and powerful features to manage Sales effectively.


SalesTrack is developed by a spectrum of business professionals comprising of Business Managers, Sales Managers and IT professionals. SalesTrack is web enabled and allows the Sales Ordering and Follow-up etc.

SalesTrack is developed using the state-of-the-art technology currently prevailing in the IT Industry and reap all the advantages of the same. Extensive help facilities are provided in the product with suitable Graphic User Interfaces. The package offers high productivity, less time and resources to run & maintain the system.

SalesTrack design facilitates a high level of integration. Information is recorded once and can be retrieved only by those users having the necessary security privileges, and information entered can be shared between operating units avoiding duplication.

Product Feature Highlights

  • Enables integration between Inventory, Production, and Accounts Receivable SCS
  • Provides high level of security facilities
  • Supports complete marketing and sales functions covering Lead Management to Billing
  • Sales Executives can be assigned one or more locations and system provides necessary performance reports on periodical basis for better control
  • System provides the ability to view the Seasonal Trend of Sales for the past years for better planning of Sales Activities in future.
  • System Allows to raise Customer Purchase Orders with Deferred Deliveries and with specific delivery schedules at multiple locations.
  • Budgets can be provided in the system for necessary comparisons and to take required steps to ensure the estimated plans are realized.

Integrated Design

SalesTrack offers a high level of integration:

  • Information is recorded once
  • Information can be retrieved from anywhere subject to security profile
Information can be shared between Other Applications.

Extensive Reporting

SalesTrack provides extensive user reporting relating to the business. Typical Reports provided in the system include:

  • Customer Details
  • Lead Information based Reports
  • Customer Enquiries
  • Pending Enquiry List
  • Quotation based Reports
  • Customer Purchase Order based Reports
  • Sale Order based Reports
  • Sales Performance Statement
  • Sales Order
  • Sales Order Follow-up Letters
  • Sales Order Status Report
  • Trend Analysis Reports
  • Sakes Commission Report
  • Delivery Note based Reports
  • Package List
  • Transporter’s Schedule
  • Invoice based Reports

Open Architecture

SalesTrack is a Sales management System with Open architecture and fully utilizing the power of RDBMS with a GUI front-end.


Functional Security provided in SalesTrack. User security levels restrict users to menus, programs and information relevant only to their responsibilities. Access can restrict to a specific group of users like Stores Managers, Sales Executives.


SalesTrack is an integrated Sales Management tool addressing the complete requirements of business community of various segments. It employs Object Orientation for efficient performance capabilities. With the facilities and capabilities it has, SalesTrack is the best suited Sales Management System for Small and Medium Enterprises and also it is an effective tool for all Marketing Agencies and Organizations in improving their business.