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Hospital Track is a comprehensive hospital management system that computerizes principal operations and administrative functions in a hospital. It is modular design enable phase wise computerization. It facilitates recording and reporting of in-patient and out-patient activities from pre-admission to discharge. Functional areas covered include: Consultant Clinics, Admission, Discharge, Transfer, Medical Records, Wards, Radiology, Laboratories and Pharmacy. Management Information System and Accounting are also part of the package. Extensive reports and statistics cover, Daily, Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly and Annual historical information with detailed analysis.



System can service multiple clinics for consulting and providing treatment to out patients. This module handles all information related to out patient management like, generation of scheduled appointment, walk-in appointments, cancellation of appointments, confirmation of appointments, recording visit details, interfacing with order communication.

Patient Registration

This sub-module provides an excellent tracking mechanism for files and films. All patient file movements are captured by the system. Options are available to review file movements, and its current location by patient name.

This sub-module records and reports data regarding births/deaths.Captured information in this is sent for certificate preparation.


Allows instant registration and rapid treatment with minimized data entry. Registration captures demographic data and subsequent treatment process captures visit / triage data. Module generates statutory police report.

Patient Log

Handles admission reservation, elective admission and generation of reports related to inpatients

Patients transferred to other wards are recorded by the transferring ward. A confirmation of transfer is entered by the receiving ward. Upon transfer, concerned departments are automatically notified of the patient transfer.


This module handles requests registration with examination details, appointment scheduling, reporting, post examination details entry, and statistics. Maintains standing data on procedures of various tests, resource scheduling, recording test results and film tracking. Waiting list can also be generated.


Facility is provided for issue of drugs to both inpatients and outpatients. Optionally, the system can generate bills for dispensation of drugs, from pharmacies located in different parts of the hospital. Pharmacy module is closely integrated with Patient Master, Drugs Inventory, Patient Billing and Medical Records.

Operation Theater

HospitalTrack operation theater module provides information on scheduled as well as completed operations. In addition, this module maintains theater team and anesthetist roster, Standing information on resources

Laboratory Info

System provides for registration, sample login, preparation of work lists, results entry, validation against standards and reporting functions.

Patient Billing

This full-fledged accounting module enables, tracking and consolidating patient charges from registration to discharge.

Nursing Station info

The system facilitates :

Bed status maintenance and allocation functions, Extensive clinical data recording

Payroll & Personal

Support for Post Dated Cheques in A/R Multiple A/R and A/P control accounts Foreign currency A/R & A/P posting to multi-currency General Ledger

Ledger Info

General Ledger provides detailed activity - specific postings.


  • Improves service to the patient
  • Provides effective cost control measures for monitoring cost of services and facilities
  • Maintains comprehensive and integrated information of In-patients, Doctors, Nursing and Administrative staff
  • Automates all areas of hospital functions such as Medical Records, Wards, Operation Theater, Radiology, Laboratories, Pharmacy, Drug Stores, Inventory Control, Patient Billing, Accounting and Administration
  • Provides valuable management information consisting of hospital performance statistics and historical analysis
  • Easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Interface to medical records sub-system


HospitalTrack provides a comprehensive healthcare management solution. It’s modules can be implemented either as “stand-alone” or “integrated” at Medical Records, ADT, Clinics, Wards, Operation Theater, Pharmacy, Purchasing, Stores and Accounts department.