Web Application Development

Implement, Manage, Excel

Web Application Development has made a secure and static habitation on cloud nine lately. It embraces creating and maintaining applications that are used over the W3. With a huge range of IT-enabled services like HTML, XML, PHP, Flash, JSP, CSS, ASP etc., a highly customized web application can be structured to best fit in the discrete business scenarios. To dominate the fierce competition, it becomes an alarming concern for companies to develop and implement elite web applications that are scalable, reliable and accessible by customers.


The Technology Platform for the development of H7 Software and Consultancy Services (P) Ltd. was carefully chosen, keeping in view the Design Objectives. Microsoft Technologies were selected as the development platform, as it is well organized and supports all good development practices. Moreover, the development platform is well maintained, easier to develop and required skill sets to maintain the product. Operating SCS are widely used and are an industry standard.

  • N-tier Architecture
  • Highly scalable application
  • Easy Upgrades - Only server Upgrades required
  • Easier Configuration Management
  • Lesser validation burden
  • Lesser maintenance
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Quick and Good Return On Investment
  • Highly scalable application