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Welcome to H7 Software and Consultancy Services (P) Ltd. H7 Software and Consultancy Services (P) Ltd. located in Hyderabad, The range of work we do from here covers the entire spectrum of retail - IT, Business, Finance, Education, Commercial, Medical & pharma Services. India is the operations and technology centre for H7 Software and Consultancy Services (P) Ltd. worldwide. Here, we build world class technology products and platforms, design stores and manage Finance and Retail Operations. H7 Software and Consultancy Services (P) Ltd. Products are designed ground up on specially built architecture for meeting IEEE standards and to ensure lower cost of ownership.

Its 'Host it anywhere' architecture enables hosting on LAN, WAN, Internet or Cloud platforms making it future proof. H7 Software and Consultancy Services (P) Ltd. has been a leader in providing such challenging solutions A unique combination of a strong retail domain, a culture of innovation, a truly global and vibrant work environment and very strong Corporate Values make us what we are.


Efficiency and productivity enhancements are key to the value - H7 Software and Consultancy Services (P) Ltd. provides to our customers. Regardless of what system is in use, our products automate manually-intensive tasks, streamline communication, and allow standardization of processes to drive best practices into distributed organizations. We empower our customers to not only get paid faster and improve key metrics like analysis of business reports but also to improve accuracy in the development of organization. From in-store entertainment to inventory management solutions, we give small business owners the technology and support they need to grow their bottom line and connect closely with their customers.

We’re committed to putting our customers first by providing excellent service and exceptional communications experiences. By focusing on our customers we’re able to produce a solid return for our shareowners, engage our employees in challenging and meaningful work and provide something of lasting value for society.