Manage Leads for Business

DistributorTrack is a GUI - based Distribution Management System, backed by the powerful RDBMS. Its implementation of Object Oriented design, Greatly enhances Efficiency. Implementation of Graphical User Interface Ensures maximum comfort to its user. Its Web enabled features allow the user into the Open World of Internet & Intranets and enable the user in making effective Correspondence and Follow up any time anywhere across the Globe.

DistributorTrack is a comprehensive Procurement and Distribution System having seamless integration with Purchase, Sales, Inventory Management and Accounting SCS. DistributorTrack provides many unique and powerful features to manage, control over business and gives the information “just in time” while taking decision for improving the business.


DistributorTrack is developed by a spectrum of business professionals comprising of functional experts from Purchase, Sales, Materials and Finance Departments and IT professionals. The system incorporates an integrated view of the operations of business houses.

DistributorTrack is developed using the latest technology currently prevailing in the IT Industry and reap all the advantages of the same. Extensive help facilities are provided in the product with suitable Graphic User Interface. The package offers high productivity, less time and resources to run and maintain the system.

DistributorTrack design facilitates a high level of integration. Information is recorded once and can be retrieved only by those users having the necessary security privileges and can be shared between operating units thus avoiding duplication.

Product Feature Highlights

  • Provides high level of security facilities
  • Encompass Purchase, Sales, Inventory and Accounting Functions in a closed manner to deliver the best to its user.
  • Cheque Management and Post Dated Cheques (PDCs) are processed effectively in the system linked with Bank Reconciliation procedures

Major Functions supported in the system are:

  • Cash Receipts / Payments
  • Bank Receipts / Payments
  • Journal Entries
  • Debit / Credit Notes
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Payables/Receivables Report
  • Cheque Printing
  • Scheme / Free Stocks
  • Stock Receipts
  • Stock Transfers
  • Stock Issues
  • Stock Returns
  • Stock Adjustments
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Purchase Returns
  • Bills Entry
  • Purchase Order Folllow-up
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Invoice Cum Delivery Challans
  • Packing List Preparation
  • Transport Schedule

Product Technical Highlights

  • Open architecture product
  • Ease-of-use flexibility
  • Web enabled
  • Security provision at Function Level
  • Centralized Error Handler
  • Context Sensitive Help

Integrated Design

DistributorTrack offers a high level of integration:

  • Information is recorded once
  • Information can be retrieved from anywhere – subject to security profile
  • Information can be shared between back-office

DistributorTrack provides Functional Security. User security levels restrict users to menus, programs and information relevant only to their responsibilities. Access can be restricted to a specific group of users.

Extensive Reporting

DistributorTrack provides extensive user reporting relating to the business. Typical Reports provided in the system apart from the master listings include:

  • Cash/ Bank/ Journal Books
  • Debtors / Creditors Ledgers
  • General Ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • P & L Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • List of Cheques for Presentation
  • Model (structure) wise Stock List
  • Model (structure) wise Issues
  • Purchase Order
  • Pur. Order Follow up Letters
  • Vendor / Principal Performance
  • Aging Analysis for Receivables
  • Aging Statement for Payables
  • Model (Structure) wise Sales
  • Product Group wise Sales List
  • Sales Person wise Performance
  • Sales person & product wise sale
  • Statement of Accounts
  • Dealer wise Sales Performance
  • Dealer & Product wise Sales
  • Scheme wise Dealer Performance


DistributorTrack is a hardware independent system, fully utilizing the power of RDBMS with a GUI front-end.

DistributorTrack as an integrated Procurement and Distribution Management System addressing the complete requirements of an ideal Distributor. The system facilitates effective management of web based business follow up and correspondance. Also employs Object Orientation for efficient performance capabilities.